Small bypass loppers with slim cutting head

The small bypass loppers are particularly suitable for pruning fresh green wood up to a diameter of 30 mm. The size of the small bypass loppers bridges the gap between the pruning shears and the big size loppers.

  • The slim cutting head enables to cut shoots very close to their base as well as to cut in difficult-to-reach areas, such as vine grapes and bushes, without harming the plant
  • Highly durable at lowest weight
  • Amazingly easy cutting thanks to the precision cutting head
  • Avalable in three different lengths: 16'', 20'', 24''

Original LOWE loppers

Original LOWE loppers are designed for the tough applications in professional viticulture, horticulture and fruit-growing as well as in forestry. They also are perfect for the domestic user wanting a reliable and quality tool.

The construction principle is a high quality, simple robust design consisting of very few parts. As a result the loppers are extremely robust and very low weight. They are designed to allow quick and easy replacement of all consumable parts. The loppers are available in a range of lengths and cutting head options to suit each particular use. Anvil loppers are available in 4 different lengths from 50cm through to 100cm,bypass loppers are available in 3 different lengths from 50 cm through to 80 cm.

There are three model options: LOWE 20, LOWE 21 and LOWE 22.

LOWE 20 is a classic anvil lopper with a straight blade.

LOWE 21 is a bypass lopper with curved blade.

LOWE 22 is an anvil lopper with curved blade.

LOWE 22 innovation has arisen from the combination of the benefits of LOWE 20 and the benefits of LOWE 21.

Original LOWE loppers are produced to the highest quality by the Gebr. Schröder GmbH in Kiel, Germany.

Original LOWE loppers – Because every cut matters.

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