LOWE 21: Bypass lopper

Precise cutting plus lightweight design

Our lopper LOWE 21 is a solid lopper with bypass technology.

The LOWE 21 Bypass lopper prunes hard and thick wood easily and precisely whilst offering a low weight design. The slim cutting head enables clean cutting close to the trunk.

The curved form of blade and counter blade prevents the branches from slipping out so branches are held fast in the loppers. Additionally the curved blade assists the drawing cutting movement.

The exertion when pruning is reduced as the branch sits next to the fulcrum providing very good leverage.

LOWE 21 is suitable for hard wood up to diameters of 40 mm. The optimum range of application is wood up to diameters of 35 mm.

The slim blade is made of toughened, high-strength quality steel. Based on these characteristics, the blade is extremely stable and hard wearing.

The counter blade has a precise shaped sap groove for continuous self-cleaning of the blade and counter blade.

The high-strength welded aluminum tubes complete the high quality and the durability of the cutting head.

The large hardened center-bolt is secured against unintended loosening by a safety plate fixed by a bolt screwed into the lever. This bearing enables very precise adjustments of the cutting head.

With a maximum handle-opening angle of 90° the user’s arms are not overstretched, unlike many ratchet or leverage loppers.

All consumable parts are readily available and easily replaced.

LOWE 21 is available in 3 different lengths: 50cm, 65 cm, 80 cm.

This lopper requires less leverage to cut thick and hard wood effortlessly, because the cut takes place close to the fulcrum.

The benefit of this lopper is the clean and precise cutting. The bypass geometry enables accurate close cutting to the trunk without injuring the bark.

LOWE 21 is very suitable for use in viticulture, horticulture and fruit-growing as well as in forestry and is perfect for the domestic user wanting a reliable and quality tool.

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The LOWE 21

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Bypass loppers offering a gentle cut at a low weight

With their narrow cutting head, these bypass loppers are particularly suitable for sensitive woods. The fine and gentle cut which they can achieve is impressive.

The curved blade supports the drawing cutting movement.

Available in three different lengths.